Know more about what we do and what we stand for

Camen Foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed at making the lives of children with autism and their families in the Florida community easier through various programs.

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Our Mission Statement

Camen Foundation is focused on assisting children and families with varying exceptionalities. With a community-based approach, we strive to provide access to those in need of relevant services and materials. In addition to our flagship program, The Camen Foundation Scholarship Fund—which is designed to subsidize costs associated with counseling and education services—we also offer additional initiatives including our educational and service exchange program, general community outreach, and various individual fundraising projects.

Our Story

The Camen Foundation was founded in 2015 with the goal of filling the gap between insurance allotments and real-world costs associated with services required to assist children with special needs. In doing so, we wish to help them reach their full potential. The foundation has since transitioned to a more comprehensive approach to community outreach such that our additional services are now available to both individuals and providers throughout the whole Florida community.

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