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Just like you, we believe in your child's abilities and talents. This is why we make sure that every program we engage in and offer can address a child’s special needs and help them learn. We also utilize our programs as avenues to discover more of their talents and further their potentials. [ Click Here ]

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Educational and Service Exchange Program

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Camen Foundation Scholarship Program

Access to education is crucial for the proper development of your child’s formative years—providing them the foundation they need to navigate the rest of their lives as well as helping embolden them into exploring and developing their talents and potentials.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Camen Foundation is focused on assisting children and families with varying exceptionalities. With a community-based approach, we strive to provide access to those in need of relevant services and materials. In addition to our flagship program, The Camen Foundation Scholarship Fund—which is designed to subsidize costs associated with counseling and education services—we also offer additional initiatives including our educational and service exchange program…

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